Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kids snack plate (or Aliyahs fruit face)

My kids eat snack plates all the time.
A plate mixed with random things that they create a face out of.
I thought this was cute of them making an afternoon fruit/veggie face yesterday, and pretending they were on "Food Network".
A side note for the adults: While your kids are stuffing their dates with nuts for the fruit face, stuff a few with almonds for yourself, and sprinkle them with sea salt. This is one of my favorite healthy treats! I love it!


  1. Ryan and I LOVED watching that! Too funny. Aliyah is a cute little chef. Brookie is a good helper! ha!

  2. So precious!!! Aliyah & Brooklyn are adorable. Aliyah can start a following of helping motivate kids her age to eat better. What a sweetheart-she is so good with Brooklyn. I love you Aliyah & Brooklyn!!

  3. okay that was very cute! And my kids watched it and think making a face on their plate with their snacks is COOL! However your snacks are so different from ours that I got a huge amount of great ideas! I'm a vegan but my 3 boys and husband are not. I find these sorts of things make it easy for them to 'forget the animal' in the meal and just enjoy good food in mother nature's packaging! I found you through Alicia's site about your chipotle chowder - can't wait!! And that coconut key lime pie - my gawd girl! wow. Glad to have found you!