Monday, August 16, 2010

A new Veg kid's book!

OK, if you have kids, this post is for you! I was so lucky to receive a coy of a brand new children's book out from the author called

Garlic-onion-beet-spinach-mango-carrot-grapefruit juice.

After reading through the book once, my kid's (especially my 6 year old) weres just begging to read it again and again. In fact, we actually read it four times in a row! That's how much my children loved it. The author,

Nathalie VanBalen

 writes the book in such a clever way. My kids thought the story was really really funny!
It's about a character named Thora, who is a thinker. She has some friends (vikings!) who love to make Garlic-onion-beet-spinach-mango-carrot-grapefruit juice. They get totally pumped off of their fresh juice. When her viking friends find out that there is a special kind of snail shell that can be ground down into a powder and added to their juice to make them extra extra Strong and have lots of vitamins and minerals They are off to find the shells. Thora doesn't think its such a good idea. She thinks that the snail shells should stick with their snail owner. In the end all friends pass on eating  the snails shells. The story teaches children in a gentle way that they should think about what they are doing/eating etc. and how it will affect others. I think the author and her writing style are great! If you have kids you have to check this one out!! You can get more information about the book, author, where to purchase etc. here at

and you can purchase the book here

 So cute! I highly recommend this one for your little kiddos! And my daughter is now officially obsessed with Thora!  Thank you Nathalie! We love it!! Keep up the awesome work you are doing!


  1. Have any more books you recommend? We are only 6 months into a vegan diet and my kids are still having a very hard time with certain things.They keep asking for this and that. My 8 yr old is easier to reason with. She asked how a hot dog was made, I goggled videos and found one that wasn't too scary. After watching it she said she was never going to eat one again and it was gross. It wasn't even a video designed to turn you away from meat, can you imagine if I had showed her one that was? My 4 yr old is not getting it at all but is usually happy with a tofu dog.I really don't want them to eat that stuff either because it's still just processed junk in my opinion but after all they are just kids and I want to make them comfortable and in time I can slowly faze out some of those things.

  2. OMG!! SO funny you posted this today!! You must check out the post today, we need mommy health bloggers for recipes..and yours are always amazing!!!! I don't need this childrens book yet, BUT I have an almost 2 year old nephew it would be PERFECT for!! I gotta send this over to my sister in law!!!

  3. This sounds like an awesome book. I would love to read it:)

  4. What a cute book. Maybe Jacob will switch to being a Thora fan from a Dora fan!