Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Glazed tempeh tacos with Jicama, mango and avocado salsa and lime spiked sour cream

Happy Wednesday all! OK, if you are looking for a meal that has substance, is really fresh, and just screams summer with all of the flavors it has going on , well, your looking at it! These tacos turned out awesome. They had delicious and really unique flavor. The jicama salsa is soooooo good! If you haven't experimented with jicama at all, I have now given you a reason to. I can actually just cut them up and eat them plain. They are so clean and crisp tasting, and then when you add the sweet mango, and creamy avocado, its the perfect combination! The tempeh is glazed with a ginger, garlic and soy sauce that pairs so well with the fresh and sweet salsa, and then I topped it all off with a cumin and lime spiked  vegan sour cream and fresh cilantro. It was so so yummy! This was another one of my recipes I came up with while on my recent vacation to visit my Mom! The two of us had way to much fun cooking in the kitchen!!! I miss her already!

Glazed tempeh tacos with Jicama, mango, and avocado salsa and lime spiked sour cream
Printable Recipe
Serves 4-6

Glazed Tempeh:
2 pckg. of Litelife organic three grain tempeh
1/4 cup soy sauce
2/3 cup water
1 clove minced  garlic
tsp grated fresh ginger

Cut each block of tempeh into 4 pieces. Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Add 2 2tbsp olive oil to pan, and saute the tempeh until browned on both sides. Mix the soy sauce, water, garlic, and ginger in a bowl and whisk. Pour this mixture into the pan and cook until the tempeh is glazed and the mixture has been completely soaked up and cooked out. (not more glaze left in the pan.) Set aside to cool a little. Then shop into smaller bite sized pieces.

Jicama, Mango, and Avocado Salsa:
1 avocado, diced
1 small jicama, peeled, small dice
1 mango, peeled, diced
1/2 red bell pepper, diced
1/2 jalapeno, seeded and diced
juice of 1 lime
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 tsp agave nectar
1/2 cup fresh chopped cilantro
pinch of salt and pepper

Toss the mixture to incorporate all of the flavors.

Cumin and Lime spiked sour cream:
1/4 cup vegan sour cream (I used Tofutti non-hydrogenated)
juice of 1/2 lime
1/4 tsp cumin

Stir all ingredients to incorporate.

To make the Tacos:
Gently warm a corn tortilla (look for tortillas with clean ingredients, Trader Joes has great ones!). Add some of the glazed tempeh, Jicama salsa, and a small dollop of sour cream tot he taco. Top it off with a few extra sprigs of cilantro and a fresh squeeze of lime.


  1. Sounds good. I love grilling tempeh. I have only used jicama once. It's one of those ingredients I sort of forget about until I see a recipe.

  2. This was so delicious!! You know how to make tempeh amazingly good and the jicama & mango in the salsa was heavenly. Everyone loved these when you made them for us. The college guys were begging for more!!

  3. This looks great! I'm so making it this week. I like that it looks so fresh. I'll let you know how it turns out!

  4. Another awesome looking meal! I love jicama!

  5. Your are making me drool! I can't not wait to make this.

  6. I love the lime and cumin spiked sour cream!

  7. Yum! These tacos sound good and so refreshing. Perfect for summer.

  8. Got the Tempeh, didn't know what to do with it. I may not do the whole thing, but the glaze sounds good enough.

  9. Wow, these look really tasty and full of flavor. Thanks for the recipe!

  10. Wow!! this looks AMAZING!! I am YET to cook with Jicama--now I need to since you give such lovely directions here!! I love Tempeh, I don't use it often, but I do love it!

  11. Yum! This looks really good, I am always looking for new ways to make tempeh. I think I am going to make these this weekend, thanks for the recipe.


  12. Thanks everyone! For those of you who havent used much tempeh or Jicama, go for it, both are so deeeelish!

  13. I made this the other night and it was so impressive I am making it again tonight for company! I pared messy rice from Veganomicon and corn on the cob with it for dinner. It was probably the prettiest dinner I have ever had!

    I used a sweet potato instead of Jicama and it tasted great. I'm planning on reviewing it next week on my blog so I'll let you know. Thanks again!

  14. Jessica- Awesome! Im so glad you liked it! I bet is was so good with the sweet potato in it! What a great idea!! And your sides sound perfect! Let me know when you review it so I can send links for my readers to check it out!! Have a great day!

  15. This is one I'm going to have to try. I've only used tempeh once and really wasn't impressed but I didn't follow any kind of recipe or anything. So I'm going to give it a go using your recipe, since your brownies were so good :)

  16. Carolyn- So glad you liked the brownies! You ahvde to give tempeh another try! When it is prepared with a little love and some good seasonings, it is AWESOME!

  17. I made this tonight with Jessica's suggestions of Messy Rice and Corn on the Cob. Wow. I'm glad I have tempeh a second chance! Everyone loved it!

  18. I loved the Glazed Tempeh recipe. I just was disappointed in the whole Tempeh on Tortilla combo. Not related to your recipe. I'll clarify tonight on da blog when I get home.