Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl Snackies

Of course it would not be a Super Bowl party without some delicious eats! Here are some ideas to kick your party up a notch!

Spicy Buffalo "chicken" wraps with Ranch. My suggestion would be to either make these wraps OR just make the buffalo chicken by itself and serve as finger food with ranch dip.

Loaded Nachos with Roasted Peppers and Smokey Hummus Cheese. These are the BOMB. Everyone will love you for these!

Cashew cheese served with celery, crackers, pitas and other veggies for dipping. Or for an even quicker snack go with hummus...

Stuffed Mushrooms from the Veggie Full Kitchen.

Chocolate peanut Butter Bon bons from The Fitness Dish. These look amazing!

For more Super Bowl snack inspiration check these out.... They have some great ideas to share!

The Fitness Dish

The Ordinary Vegetarian

Have a great weekend!!! Hope you all have some good Super Bowl fun!


  1. LOVE it!!! So excited! More things to choose from! You rock! Thanks for including the bon bons :-) So excited to make your buffalo "chicken!"


  2. Ok, you will LOVE the wraps! And I am making your bon bons tonight! xoxo back at ya!

  3. MMM all these choices look great! I saw laury's bon bon's and I def want to make those! Oh and the lettuce wraps look awesome!

  4. Must. Make. Wraps. Must. Inhale. BonBons.

  5. Great ideas, Morgan. I need to make the cashew cheese!
    Have a nice Super Bowl Sunday :-)

  6. I am making the buffalo wraps right now. I've already made the ranch dressing - it's delicious. I was going to save the wraps for Sunday, but I couldn't wait.

  7. I haven't forgotten these recipes, but I think we're going old school on the nachos again. The hummus idea is brilliant however.

  8. Claire- you will LOVE these! You havae to let me know how they turn out!

    Shen- Yes, definitely old school on the nachos! lol And hummus, I know, I need to stop challenging my brain so much! :) :)

    Aimee- YES, you have to make the cashew cheese. It lasted about 2 seconds in my home, and I am posting a Killer cheese sauce with noodles using the leftovers! To die for so get soaking those cashews girl!

    Heather- ummm...yeah. I agree, you need to make the nachos. So so good but taste oh so naughty! haha kidding

    Mamamango- I think you should definitely inhale some of the wraps. They are one of my favorite wrap creations so far. :) And I am with you on inhaling those bon bons. Laury the bon bon genius is the bomb and I know they are gonna be soooooo good!

    Thank you all so much for your comments!

  9. Morgan, these are all great ideas for a yummy Super Bowl Party. Thank you for adding my Lettuce Wraps in the bunch. I just made your Cashew Cheese and we love it. Everything looks delicious!

  10. Watching the Super Bowl is about the last thing I plan on doing this weekend (or ever, for that matter) but all of these sound like excellent options regardless!

  11. Great recipes! We are a new follower! Check us out at I am doing a vegan challenge this week!