Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo recipe roundup

What are you going to make your family in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo today? Mexican inspired food is always so good, so full of flavor, and one of my favorites! Here are my top 10 favorite Mexican inspired dishes from my blog and a few from my Mother's blog to help you choose something awesome to make for the holiday today!

 Morgan's Cinco de Mayo 
recipe roundup

1. VEGAN TAMALES: These vegan tamales are so amazing! A little more work than some recipes, but full of great flavor, and leftovers for the next day! And your guests will be very impressed!

2. LOADED NACHOS WITH ROASTED PEPPERS AND SMOKEY "CHEESE" SAUCE: Nachos with "the works". Chips, beans, roasted poblano peppers, corn, bell peppers, pico, cilantro, and to take it over the top, my own smoeky "cheese" sauce which is hummus based and so cheesy delicious! Need I say more? This is sure to be a crowd pleaser of veggies and non veggies!

3. BLACK BEAN TORTILLA SOUP:  So delicious. An Easy and pretty budget friendly one pot meal that can be eaten as soup the first round, and then... wait for it... it morphs into  ablack bean queso dip for the most delicious side dish/appetizer ever! So good! 

4. BLACK BEAN TACOS WITH CORN AND AVOCADO SALSA:  This is one of my very favorite recipes on the blog. Its so easy to make, so full of good flavor, and everyone I have ever served it to loves it!  It was also one of the most popular recipes on the blog last year! Your really can't go wrong with this one!

5. TEMPEH AND BLACK BEAN ENCHILADAS WITH TOFU CHEESE AND RED SAUCE: You cant have a Cinco de mayo party without enchiladas on the menu! And mine are far from anything traditional. Tempeh and black bean filling, creamy tofu cheese with lots of cilantro, and smothered in red enchilada sauce! Serve with a side of brown rice!

Inspired by "fish tacos"',  these are incredibly good and very addictive! 

6. GLAZED TEMPEH TACOS WITH JICAMA, MANGO AND AVOCADO SALSA, AND LIME SPIKED SOUR CREAM:  These delicious tacos have really unique flavor and if you havent had jicama before, well, now is the time to try some! it is so good that most of it ends up in my mouth while cutting instead of in the mango salsa! Oh and speaking of mango and avocado salsa, you can eat this stuff with a spoon plain, its so good!

7. TACO STYLE SALAD WITH SPICY TOMATILLO CILANTRO DRESSING:  I pretty much love anythign served over chips. But what really makes this meal awesome is the spicy tomatillo cilantro dressing!  If you didn't notice, this uses the same dressing as the "fish" tacos. So you can make two cool meals with just one dressing.

8. CHICK"N CHILI VERDE SOUP:  from The Health Seekers Kitchen.  How amazing does this sound? This is one of my Mom's recipes and pretty much anything that she cooks up I love to eat! her food is so good!

9. Roasted Sweet Potato and Anaheim Pepper with chili-lime dressing:  from The Health Seekers Kitchen .   Another one of my Mom's amazing recipes. The ingredients in this look so interesting and so delicious!  And the dressing looks awesome!

10. SPICY TWO BEAN TAMALE PIE:  from The Health Seekers Kitchen .  This looks hearty, healthy and like perfect comfort food!

Have a Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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