Friday, March 2, 2012

Some things you need to check out!

Happy Friday!
 Just dropping in for a quick post to link you to a few things to check out that I love! Click on the bold highlights for the links!

Organic by Nature Just Barley: One of my top 5 must have items. This is something I always keep in my home! This barley grass powder gives a serious nutritional punch and I have a go to daily smoothie (more of a refreshing drink) that takes just seconds to make when I'm on the go, and gives me my green power when I am running low on things around my house. Mix 1 frozen banana, 1 cup of water, 1 tsp. barley green powder, and a small handful of fresh parsley. Blend and go. Those are ingredients I always have around. So there are no excuses in my house, you gotta drink those greens!  My Mom and I call this the green smoothie made easy!

Raw Melissa -  Um, first, this girl is completely adorable. She is like cuteness overdose. Her site is great, and she has some fun recipes and a cookbook. Also has some cool videos. She lives near the Salt Lake City, Utah area and if you are anywhere near this area you have got to check out her raw desserts that you can buy at some of the local health food stores. They are amazing! I have some family that lives in that area and have had the pleasure of tasting some of her goodies! If you are not close (I live in Southern California, not close at all to her yummy treats) you can order things online.

Plant Hungry: Written by my friend Shelly. She adds a great mixture of good information, as well as yummy recipes! And shes witty and funny, so its a good read! She keeps me laughing. Go check it out!

The Fitness Dish: 111 Days till summer challenge:  I love me some Fitness Dish!  Laury pretty much makes everyone happy with her fun uplifiting posts daily!  (yes, daily, supermom??) Right now she is doing a challenge with her readers that is a totally positive approach to making small healthy changes and sticking to them. You can do with the challenge whatever YOU want to do, set your own goals, and then she and the rest of her readers participating will help keep everyone motivated to stick with their goals they have set. One thing I love about this challenge is that you can make it your own. Whether you healhty goals are to get outside and get moving in some way for 20 minutes,  cut back on refined sugar, cook more meals at home, drink less get it. Just whatever works for you! Loving the positivity coming from this challenge. Go head on over there nad join in the fun!

The Health Seekers Kitchen: Doesn't everyone love their Mother's cooking? Well, I am lucky enought that my Mom cooks amazing food, and the kind of food I like, healthy, plant based, and absolutely delicious!  I honestly love everything she makes, and I wish I wasn't states away from her so that I could go annoy her regularly for some of her cooking! Also, she teaches cooking classes in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, so if you are close, you have got to check out her classes! You will leave with fun new recipes and some new kitchen skills! The info for her upcoming classes is on her blog...

The Blissful Chef: East Coast Book Tour! My friend Christy Morgan, or as some of you may know her, The Blissful Chef, is an awesome macrobiotic based chef. That cooks great food! For all of you East Coasters, she has a book tour going from March 1st through March 29th. Check out her blog for the exact dates and times, and check out her cookbook, Blissful Bites!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Wow! Another post!! And I got a mention!!! I love you!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!! You're the best :-)

    I love all your other recommendations too! I am on the East coast, as you know, so I wonder if Christy will be anywhere near Philly! I was looking at her book and am definitely interested!

    And I wish your mom did cooking classes near me!! I see where you get your skills she's awesome!


    1. Thank you Laury - Your baby is adorable and you look great!!!

  2. I know, I stilll could never even remotely keep up with you! haha

    And you already know that I think YOU are the best. Ever! I <3 you!!

    Christy's book is really healthy and shes such a sweetheart. Definitely check her ou!

    p.s. I agree, my Mama is very awesome!!

  3. Thank you Morgan:) I enjoyed looking at all the links you recommended. Thank you for mentioning mine too. I can't wait to see you soon and see what kind of damage we can do in the kitchen-Ha,ha..-always good damage of course. I really miss you!! Love you:)

    1. Of course! I love to make kitchen damage with you!! :D

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